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physical therapy Tenafly NJ

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  • Pain That’s Limiting Your Daily Activities?
  • The Uncertainty About What Treatment is Best?
  • Being Treated Like a Number?
  • Concerns About Drugs, Injections, or Surgery?
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You Should Know that Not All Physical Therapy is the Same

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  • We Have Years
    of Experience
    physical therapy Tenafly NJ
  • Our Clinic is a Family-Oriented Practice, Servicing The Area Since 2007
    physical therapy Tenafly NJ
  • Your Wellbeing is
    Our Top Priority
    physical therapy Tenafly NJ
  • See Same Therapist
    Each Visit
    physical therapy Tenafly NJ
  • First Visit Within
    24-48 Hours
    physical therapy Tenafly NJ
  • One-on-One Care With
    A Licensed Therapist
    physical therapy Tenafly NJ

Conditions We Treat

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Back Pain
    & Sciatica

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Neck Pain & Pinched Nerves

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Problems

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Knee & Hip Injuries

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Foot & Ankle Diagnoses

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Joint Pain & Arthritis

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Balance & Dizziness

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Muscle Strains

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Ligament Sprains

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Post-Surgical Spine & Joint Reconstruction

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Elbow, Wrist & Hand Pain

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Chronic Pain

  • physical therapy Tenafly NJ

    Work-Related Injuries

Expert Services We Provide

What Our Patients Have to Say...

  • Very good experience with Rob!

    Phil O.

  • Robert created a comfortable environment and was very knowledgeable on my injury.

    Paul B.

  • Robert takes his work very seriously and shows a keen sense of concern for each individual patient.

    M D.

We are In-Network with Most Insurance Plans

If you don’t see your plan listed, please give us a call.
We make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before your first visit with us.

Get Your First Appointment in 24-48 Hours
Family-Friendly Clinic Serving The Area Since 2007: yes
First Visit within 24-48 Hours: yes
One-on-One care with a licensed Physical Therapist: yes
See the Same Therapist Each Visit: yes
Most Affordable: yes
What You Should Know Before Choosing a Physical Therapist (click to learn more)
  • All physical therapists are NOT the same...
    • Montalbano PT provides care based on patient needs, not what an insurance company dictates. We’ll do our best to work with you to help you achieve your goals.
    • Montalbano PT’s therapists regularly participate in ongoing education to remain tops in their field.
    • We think you will find Montalbano PT’s standards and professional training are of the highest order. We hope you will be our next success story.
  • All physical therapy offices are NOT the same...
    • Montalbano PT is owned by a physical therapist who opened his doors in 2007; most PT offices currently are owned by hospitals, outside investors, public companies or physician owners answering to outside interests.
    • Montalbano PT is responsive to your needs and customizes your care; often treatment is based on protocols and not individual needs.
    • Montalbano PT treats you like family striving to establish lifelong relationships; many PT experiences are impersonal and one size fits all.
  • All physical therapy visits do NOT cost the same...
    • Montalbano PT provides payment transparency and is client friendly, helping you to understand your insurance coverage.
    • Montalbano PT is a preferred provider for most insurance plans; many PT offices are not in-network.
    • Montalbano PT has a discounted cash only fee schedule for clients who do not have insurance.

The Recovery Process

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Get Your First Appointment in 24-48 Hours